Finding My Niche

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In trying to understand blogging and where I fit in, I am torn between writing about how to start and run a successful Etsy shop, crocheting or both.  They are really two completely different things.   For me, well they are one and the same because my shop sells crocheted hats and scarves.   But how many other people will be interested in such a specialised blog?  I find myself reading blogs about both topics. Does that make me unique or are there others out there just like me?  Would they like hearing from someone who can relate to both areas of interest?

As I write this, I am thinking about how would this work? Having a blog about my journey to having a successful Etsy shop that sells crocheted items; what does that content look like?

For example, in a previous post, I talked about the marketing book I was reading. Which I finished yet by the way, but I feel like a review of this book by someone who is selling on-line instead of brick and mortar may be helpful to others.  I will say this of the book so far,  It is informative.  I work as a retail manager and see how what I have read will work with the customer in front of you.  The hard part of selling on-line is getting the same connection in a written description that will cause the customer to hit the buy button.  But I will give a full review as soon as I finish it.  The thing is a read it in bed and if I’m tired it will put me right out.  It’s a marketing book, of course, it will put you to sleep.

So, I think I will have content about both.  The ups and downs of an on-line shop and my passion for creating crocheted items.  Hopefully, you will like what you see and come back often to see what I am up to.


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I was working on one of my scarves when my husband asked me what I was knitting?  Knitting.  KNITTING!  Really.



This is actually how I felt when he asked that question.   Now in his defense, I do knit, but I haven’t knitted anything in over a year.  It isn’t just him.  I find that when people see something that is made out of yarn they think it is knitted.  I think people are aware of the crocheting.  It’s something their grandmother did.  They simply don’t know the difference.

With that being said, here are some cool facts about crochet.

  1. Crochet comes from the french word croche meaning hook.
  2. All the stitch pattern variations are created by using a combination of five basic stitches.
  3. You can make a circle using a crochet hook.  To knit a circle you need special needles.  Four of them actually.
  4. Crocheted items can’t be machine made.  That’s right.  If someone crochets you something just know you can’t go to Target and buy the exact same thing.  Sure you can find a hat or scarf, but it will be knitted.

I just scrapped the surface of what crochet is.  There will be more in-depth articles in the future, so stay tuned.

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Why I Write List

I must say that I have never really been a list maker.  Of course I will use a list for grocery shopping  or for Christmas.  But other than that, it just wasn’t something I did.  I have a pretty good memory, so I would have the list in my mind  of what I needed to do and I would generally get everything done .  But when it comes to starting a business, that’s a whole different game.  So I started writing things down.

This may sound obvious,but for me it is a big deal.  My list are a little random.  Okay, really random.    But, hey it works for me and it my work for you if you generally  don’t use a list.

I have a small notebook that I use for my list.  While drinking my coffee in the morning I will write down what I want to accomplish for the day.  I will also write down anything else I need to take care of, even if I know it may not happen that day.  So you may ask, why write it down if you know it may not get done?  When I write those things down, they usually are not time sensitive.  Also if I don’t write down I may/ will forget.

Here is what’s great about making list.  Crossing things off.  There is a sense of accomplishment when you make a line through an item.  The items that don’t get crossed off  go on the list for the next day.  Don’t feel like you’re not getting any where if you keep putting an item on the list day after day.  I have had an item on the list for a good week before I finally crossed it off.

So that’s what I’ve been doing to stay on track to get my new business opened.  Give it a try if you aren’t a list maker.  You may be surprised what you get done by using that old school, low tech method.

*Update:  I have set up a website for information about my product.   It is still a work in progress.  As soon as it’s ready I will post the link.


Best wishes,